We are specialised in creating authentic experiences

Don’t want to take your clients to the same old restaurant to eat the same old food? You don’t have to! We are specialised
in creating authentic experiences that will not only impress your clients but will also give them a taste of the local culture.
You can rely on us to provide a quality experience that cannot be otherwise purchased. We test all of our experiences to ensure that we meet your high standards.

Anything you want, you name it and we will create it. Entertaining a client in Switzerland? Take them on a unique snowshoeing experience where they will walk in the mountains with the locals and enjoy the beautiful views.

Entertaining an art-lover?

Accompany them on an insider tour of the local art galleries with an experienced artist. Entertaining a tough-to-impress crowd? Give them the unique opportunity for a meet and greet with a real-life astronaut!

How can you give them all that? Simply tell us a theme, or a concept, or leave it up to us and we’ll use our creativity to come up with an experience that will dazzle your clients.